Lizardman Festival 2018

About the Festival

The first year of this festival will be 2018. Join us as we enjoy a fun-filled and family-friendly event in Bishopville, SC. The festival will be hosted at the SC Cotton Museum (112 W. Ceedar Lane, Bishopville, SC). The event is co-sponsored by the Lee County Chamber of Commerce. Don't miss our special presentation at NOON when we will award The Key to the Swamp to a valuable Lizardman team player.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Join us at the SC Cotton Museum from 2-5PM for a Meet-And-Greet with Festival star Lyle Blackburn, author of Lizardman: The True Story of the Monster of Bishopville. Other guests include actor and wrestler Papa Stro the Maestro of Wrestling, artist Gregbo Watson, Matt Delph of MECRO (Mountain Empore Cryptid Research Organization, author), Lizardman Historian Janson Cox, and author/radio host Dr. John Stamey.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

121 W Cedar Ln, Bishopville, SC

  • 10:30 - Matt Delph Presentation, Mountain Empire Cryptod Research Org.
  • 11:30 - SC Paranormal Reearch Team Presentation
  • 12:30 - Lyle Blackburn Presentation
  • 1:30 - Panel Discussion (Blackburn, Delph, SC Paranormal)
  • 2:30 - First Tour to Scape Ore bridge and Artesian Well with SC Paranormal
  • 4:00 - Cosplay Contest
  • 4:30 - Second Tour to Scape Ore bridge and Artesian Well with Lyle Blackburn

53 Joe Dority Rd, Bishopville, SC

  • 6:00 Hot Dogs, snacks and drinks available
  • 6:30 - Concert: Roy Atkinson
  • 7:00 - Concert: Antler Hill Arts
  • 8:00 - Concert: Cryptid Creature

Sunday, June 10, 2018

At 3PM, meet at the SC Cotton Museum for a tour of the Lizardman Trail.

Meet our Personalities

Lyle Blackburn

Author of books including The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster.

Papa Stro Maestro

WCW Legend and award-winning actor.

Bret and Gregbo Watson

Internationally famous illustrator with his son who is a world-champion wrestler.

Matthew Delph

Bigfoot researcher, head of MECRO (Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organiation) and co-author of Lizardman, Bigfoot and Friends book with Dr. John Stamey.

Ronald Rossmann

Cosplay artist and director/producer of the Award-Winning Internet series Dusk.

Eastern Exotics Wildlife Foundation

Headed by cryptozoologist Eric Dionne, Eastern Exotics wil being their incredible snakes, reptiles and exotic animals for photo opportunities and interaction. Eastern Exotics is always a crowd-favoried


Cosplay Contest at 4PM, Lizardman Comic Con building. Registration from 11AM to 3PM. Judging begins at 3PM.

The Legends

Pro wrestling's elite by day, and investigators of the supernatural at night. They are always on the hunt for Lizardman! The Legends feature Chuck Sloan, Buckshot Carter, Bret "The Crippler" Watson (IWA Cruiserweight Champion - Canada) and his lovely manager, Micky May.


Outdoor Festival Vendor Registration

Lizard Man Festival Vendor Space

Please print, fill out, scan and email this CONTRACT to jwstamey@gmail.com within 24 hours or payment.

Lizardman Comic Con Tickets

10AM to 6PM Saturday June 9, SC Cotton Museum, 112 W. Cedar St. Lizardman Art Contest Entires and Winners Announced here. Kids under 12 are FREE!

Lizardman Comic Con 2018 Adult Ticket

Indoor Comic Con Registration - Vendor


Indoor Comic Con Registration - Artist


New Book about Lizardman, Bigfoot and other Cryptids

Paperback - CLICK HERE
Kindle eBook - CLICK HERE

Lizardman, Bigfoot & Friends contains unpublished stories about our favorite cryptid and paranormal friend. Enjoy new stories about Lizardman (the monster of Bishopville, SC), Bigfoot, Mothman, aliens and ghosts. All of the stories are based on interviews with individuals who experienced them. Written by Dr. John Stamey and Matthew Delph, illustrated by Eraklis Petmezas.

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